Mercy Hill Gathering - Easter Sunday!


^Graphic - Acts 17.16-34 (Jesus and the Resurrection)

What happened after the crucifixion of Jesus? 

What was the theme of the early preaching of the Christians? 

What turned Christianity's most ardent persecutor into Christianity's most well known preacher? 

It was simply Jesus and the resurrection. 

Join us this Sunday as we look at the Apostle Paul's message to the ancient intellectual center of Athens, specifically his proclamation of Jesus and the Resurrection. 

We'll see how the fact of Jesus' execution, burial, and resurrection, served the basis for the message of Paul proclaimed to the powerful intellectuals of his day, and it's ongoing relevance in our day as well. 

Here's a copy of the worship folder for this Sunday. 

We hope you can join us in person at 10am this Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn as we join with millions around the world in proclaiming and celebrating Jesus and the resurrection. 

Pastor John 

We are also offering a livestream option through our Facebook Page for those who cannot attend in person at this time. (Please note, we are dependent on the hotel's wifi so the quality of the livestream varies.)