Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - April 3, 2022


^ Graphic - Luke 18.9-14.001

Pride. It clings so tightly and easily entraps us, and we so often hardly even notice. 

In Sunday's study of the life of Jesus, we're going to hear Jesus tell a parable about pride and humility. 

Specifically, the parable is aimed at religious folks -- people who are confident of their own righteousness and look down upon others. 

The Pharisees were pros at this. Remember the time when Jesus was eating with misfits, outcasts, and marginalized, and they looked down upon Jesus and the lot sneering, "This man welcomes sinners and eats with them" (Luke 15:1-2)? 

It's easy for us to look down upon the Pharisees for doing this, but aren't we falling into the same trap when we do? 

Join us this Sunday as we take a fresh look at one of Jesus' shortest and most potent stories about pride and humility. 

We hope you can join us in person at 10am this Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Here's a copy of the worship folder

Pastor John Ferguson

We are also offering a livestream option through our Facebook Page for those who cannot attend in person at this time. (Please note, we are dependent on the hotel's wifi so the quality of the livestream varies.)