Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - May 2, 2021


Here's what we'll be studying in the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke this week:

Graphic - Luke 12.4-7 (When People are Big & God is Small).001

Jesus knew his disciples were going to face some challenging times.

Things were starting to heat up with the religious leaders who were increasing hostile to Jesus and were plotting to take down Jesus.

So even when Jesus was wildly popular with the crowds, he took some time to warn his disciples of something that could spell their downfall: the fear of what others might think of them, say of them, do to them.

So he gives his followers a critical life lesson that should put all things in perspective for them. 

Join us this Sunday as we look at this teaching of Jesus, and we'll learn something about what to do when people are big and God is small. 

We hope to see you in person or online through our Facebook livestream this Sunday at 10am!

Pastor John


If you plan on joining us online

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If you plan on joining us in person

The Hilton Garden Inn where we meet continues to require guests on their facility to wear face coverings for the time being to mitigate against the spread of COVID.

Therefore the leadership of Mercy Hill Church will continue requiring all participants 10 years of age and older to properly wear a face covering over the mouth and nose while on the premises of the hotel and while attending our worship service. Thank you in advance for your participation in this while we are in HGI's facilities.