Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - April 11, 2021

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Graphic - Luke 11.37-44 (The Inside Out Revolution).001

This week we're back in the Gospel of Luke.

Jesus ate with anyone who invited him, whether it was the down and out or the high and mighty.

This week, we'll look at the dinner party that Jesus was invited to by a Pharisee, one of the religious elite of Israel. And things went south pretty fast and left the Pharisee no doubt wishing he had not invited Jesus after all. 

But in this episode of Jesus, we learn much about the INSIDE OUT revolution he came to bring about. 

We hope to see you in person or online Sunday at 10am!


If you plan on joining us online

You can access our service online through our FACEBOOK Livestream.

Here is a copy of our worship folder.   


If you plan on joining us in person

Governor Abbot rescinded his executive order mandating face coverings in public enforceable by the State of Texas. In doing so, he left it open for businesses and organizations to determine their face covering requirements locally. 

The Hilton Garden Inn where we meet continues to require guests on their facility to wear face coverings for the time being to mitigate against the spread of COVID. 

Therefore the leadership of Mercy Hill Church will continue requiring all participants 10 years of age and older to properly wear a face covering over the mouth and nose while on the premises of the hotel and while attending our worship service. 

Please read through this page for our protocols so you know what to expect as we gather for worship at the Hilton Garden Inn.