Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - April 25th


Here's what we'll be studying from the Gospel of Luke this week....

Image - Luke 3.1-3.001

This Sunday in our ongoing investigation of the life and teachings of Jesus, we're going to look at an interesting episode from the life of Jesus. 

It occurred when the crowds were swelling and his movement was wildly popular. 

At this moment, Jesus pulls his disciples aside and gives them a word of caution. 

It's a word of caution so important and yet so obvious that it hardly grabs our attention. And yet countless followers of Jesus have stumbled at just this point. 

Join us this Sunday as we take a look at this important teaching of Jesus. It has the potential, if we will put it into practice, of not only changing our lives, but propelling the movement of Jesus forward. 

We hope to see you in person or via our Facebook livestream at 10am this Sunday.