Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - June 16, 2024

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06.16.24 Sermon Graphic

Living in this world can kinda drive you crazy. In fact, we might wonder if it's just us, or if this world is getting crazier (to reference the memorable quote from The Joker). 

This week we'll continue our study in Psalm 73, as we reflect upon a song that an ancient musician by the name of Asaph wrote describing how he almost ditched his faith. 

It had everything to do with trying to get his head around how God could be good while we live in a world that isn't. 

And it almost cost him everything. 

Join us this Sunday as we continue to wrestle with the problem of evil and the existence of a good, good God.

We hope to see you. this Sunday at 10am at the Hilton Garden Inn. Here’s a copy of the worship folder.

See you then,

Pastor John