Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - June 23, 2024

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06.23.24 Sermon Graphic

For many people, the pain and suffering in this world is enough to shipwreck their faith, or to prevent a thoughtful consideration of faith in a good God when we live in a world that isn't. 

This week, we continue our study of Psalm 73, the great song that a man named Asaph wrote as he contemplated ditching his faith when "he saw the prosperity of the wicked." 

It seemed like it was all for naught, and so not knowing what to do, he inexplicably went to worship. And everything changed for him.

We'll see the reorientation of his once disoriented faith, and how he struggled through his questions and doubts to a deeper and richer faith than he could have ever possibly imagined. 

We hope you can join us this Sunday at 10am at the Hilton Garden Inn. Here’s a copy of the worship folder.

See you then,

Pastor John