Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - May 12, 2024

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What do you do when life doesn't make sense? And to make matters worse, where is God in all of it? 

It is hard to follow Jesus even when things are going well, but when life falls apart, when everything we believe is put to the test, it feels next to impossible. 

The people receiving the letter of James knew this. When they heard about the death and resurrection of Jesus, and all the implications of it, they put their trust in Jesus and gave him their allegiance. 

And now intense persecution had caused them to flee their homes, and they learned that following Jesus wasn't so easy after all. It was tempting for them to take matters into their own hands, and to maybe even retaliate against those who were oppressing them. 

James' counsel? Be patient. Jesus is about to take care of everything. 

This counsel is at once easy to believe and the most difficult thing to believe, especially when the heat is on. 

Join us as we listen in on the counsel James gives to his friends in light of the severe trial they were undergoing, and we'll learn a thing or two about navigating our lives as we seek to follow Jesus in a world that simply doesn't make sense. 

We hope to see you this Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn. Here’s a copy of the worship folder.

See you then,

Pastor John