Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - May 15, 2022


Graphic - Luke 20.9-19 (Bearing Good Fruit).001

Our journey through the Gospel of Luke brings us to a point during the final week of Jesus' life where opposition to Jesus among the religous leaders reaches a boiling point.

Luke tells us point blank that they were "seeking to destory him."

So Jesus tells a parable about an owner of a vineyard who hired some farmers to tend to his vineyard while he is away. And wanting to find out about the progress of the vineyard, the owner sent servants to bring back some samples.

Time and again the farmers beat the servants and send them away empty handed.

In desperation, the owner of the vineyard sends his beloved Son, and what they do to him is unspeakable.

The religious leaders know that Jesus is speaking about them, and they are incensed.

Join us this Sunday as we take a look at the parable of the vineyard owner, or as some might call it, the parable of the murder of the Son of God. We'll learn about bearing fruit, what Jesus meant by calling himself "the cornerstone," and how we can align ourselves with all that God is doing in and this man from Nazareth, crucified and risen from the dead.

Here's a copy of the worship folder.

We hope you can join us in person at 10am this Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn.

See you then! 

Pastor John

PS. We are also offering a livestream option through our Facebook Page for those who cannot attend in person at this time. Please note, we are dependent on the hotel's wifi so the quality of the livestream varies.