Love & Sexuality Graphics

We live in a time of much confusion and heated debate about what it means to be human and whether our bodies have any meaning or purpose. People from all kinds of backgrounds including Christians have real questions, and even mixed feelings about love, sexuality, and the body. 

In this series, we'll examine some key texts in the Scriptures that inform us about God’s design for our embodied existence. We’ll also address some tough questions our culture is putting forward as we seek to understand how the Gospel of Jesus transforms our lives and relationships. In fact, we’ll see how our embodied existence was designed to teach us about God and point us to where all of history is headed. Each Sunday we’ll set aside a brief time after the service for Q&A as well. 

  • Oct 03 - In the Beginning There Was Love
  • Oct 10 - What Is Marriage According to Jesus? 
  • Oct 17 - The Shattering 
  • Oct 24 - No Greater Love
  • Oct 31 - The Gift & Calling of Singleness
  • Nov 07 - Sexual Holiness
  • Nov 14 - The Dance of Marriage
  • Nov 21 - The Painful Issue of Divorce
  • Nov 28 - The Marriage Supper of the Lamb