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Mercy Hill Church began as a dream in 2017 as around 20 people gathered to imagine a church that would truly welcome everyone no matter what their background, or struggles, or doubts, or questions, as they–along with us–seek to come to grips with the message of Jesus.

We wanted to be a church where folks who are jaded and cynical could once again or perhaps for the first time discover the freedom and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the spring of 2017, the newly formed board of Mercy Hill Church issued a call to John Ferguson to serve as its church planting pastor. 

On April 1, 2018, we launched our first public service on Easter Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn on the border of the twin cities of Bryan / College Station.

Meet John & Heather

John&HeatherJohn and Heather Ferguson met at Texas A&M University and married while they were finishing their degrees. John received a B.A. in Philosophy (’93), and Heather received her B.A. degree in Speech Communications (’94). John also received M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary (’99).

Before moving back to Bryan/College Station, John has served for almost two decades in campus ministry in Mississippi, Texas (at A&M), and Peru, and for eight years as a church planter in Calgary establishing New City Church. He has also been active in the C2C Church Planting Network as well as the Grace Church Planting Network of Canada. Every step along the way, Heather has been a vital partner in life and ministry while homeschooling their children.

Several years ago, life’s circumstances dictated that they move back closer to family, and the Lord reawakened a latent desire to plant a church in their hometown of Bryan/College Station, Texas.

Having received a call from the newly formed board of Mercy Hill, they made the move back in the summer of 2017 to plant a new, Gospel-centered, missional church. Their hope is that the cynical, the skeptical, and the doubters in Bryan/College Station will find a place where their questions are taken seriously and where they can safely explore the story of Jesus with all of its life-changing relevance.

John & Heather are parents of Justin, Kevin, Miranda, and Jason. In addition to spending time with the family, John loves the mountains, reading, college sports, Tex-Mex food, pipes, and having conversations with people from all walks of life about the things that matter most. Heather loves spending time with family and friends, books (especially good fiction), and deep conversations.

Our partnerships


New City Church of Calgary

New City Church is a young church but already it has a kingdom-sized vision and a commitment to the mission of Jesus to make disciples and plant churches.

In May of 2017, New City commissioned the Ferguson family to serve as missionaries to College Station, and commissioned John to serve as its first church planter. The Fergusons are grateful and blessed to be sent out from this amazing church.

Multiply Network

The Multiply Network (formerly called the C2C Network) is a global church planting movement that began as a regional department of the Mennonite Brethren (MB) Church in British Columbia, but grew to include church planters from a wide variety of denominations and networks.

By the end of 2016, people from over 30+ denominations & networks were partnering with the Multiply Network to plant Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led, Mission-Focused churches for a total partnership of 120+ new churches across North America alone. Today, the influence of the Multiply Network is truly global. 

The Multiply Network played an essential role in helping to launch Mercy Hill and helping us to form our Task Force. 

Council of Elders

Mercy Hill Church is overseen by a Council of Elders.

  • John Ferguson, Elder and Lead Pastor
  • Dan Mizer, Elder 
  • Todd Kent, Elder 

The Gospel Coalition

Mercy Hill Church is also connected with The Gospel Coalition which is an interdenominational network of like-minded reformational churches. Our statement of beliefs is adapted from the Gospel Coalition Confessional documents.


What others are saying


“As head of the church planting network that oversaw his church [in Canada], I can say this with confidence: John is a gifted evangelist, teacher, and leader, a true shepherd and a resourceful problem solver. John has planted a very healthy church in a very difficult urban environment, and he has shown patience, wisdom, perseverance, and godly faith. He is a trusted colleague, a wise counselor, a loyal co-worker, and a man of complete integrity. He is a logical, thoughtful, gentle but firm leader and shepherd. I highly recommend him for church ministry of any type, and particularly church planting.”

Dan McDonald, Director of the Grace Church Planting Network
& Pastor of Grace Toronto

“Sheryl & I have been thrilled to be with John and Heather Ferguson as they launch Mercy Hill Church serving the people of Bryan & College Station. Over the past 30 years we have gained an immense respect for this seasoned and gifted couple we love and trust. In God’s mercy, they are full of wisdom, joy, gentleness, humility, and grace. Christians and non-Christians alike will find them and the community of Mercy Hill a safe haven to doubt, rest, question, wrestle, and experience the mercy of our Savior who walks with us day by day. Mercy Hill will be a place to live honestly as John and Heather live and announce he good news that brings life, faith, and hope. If you have friends in the Bryan & College Station area who doubt God’s mercy or who love to share God’s mercy, who are weary or wary of ‘church’ or who love the great heritage of Christian faith, or who just do not have a church home, encourage them to check out Mercy Hill.”

Steve Froehlich, Pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church, Ithica, New York

“Having known and worked alongside my friend and colleague, John Ferguson, the past seven years, I have had the privilege to witness a pastor who uniquely draws together those qualities that are not often evidenced together – winsome AND compelling in preaching; bold AND compassionate in pastoring, evangelistically zealous AND deeply committed to disciple-making in church growth, entrepreneurial AND committed team player in leadership style.”

Michael Ivancic, Associate Pastor of New City Church of Calgary

“I have worked with John in the capacity of church planting coach, mentor, and friend for seven years. He has successfully planted New City Church in Calgary, Alberta. He has trained leaders, managed volunteers and staff, established educational training workshops, seminars and courses. I have found him to be diligent, dependable, able to creatively problem solve and implement solutions. He is an able and winsome communicator that is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. His preaching is well thought out and cogent and his delivery logical and engaging. I heartily recommend him for ministry and church planting.”

     Steve Laug, Church Planting Coach & Assessor, & Director of Mentorship with Servants Anonymous

“I have had the privilege of working with John for the last seven years throughout the process of the planting and establishing New City Church in Calgary. I have learned much from John and have grown immensely in my faith through his teaching. John has a servant’s heart for mission in our city, and he has the ability to relate and connect with many different people in all walks of life. He has the ability to speak into the lives of people who are new to Christianity and as well as seasoned veterans with the same sermon, and his work here has had a major impact on the growth and flourishing of New City Church.”

Calvin Van Hill, Elder at New City Church of Calgary