The Supernatural Authority of Jesus

January 19, 2020 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: Good News of Great Joy for All People

Scripture: Luke 8:26–8:39


In studying the historical documents that inform us of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, one often comes across passages that are thrilling, enlightening, convicting, encouraging, and downright perplexing. 

Such is the case today. And the reason it’s perplexing is not because it deals with Jesus or the supernatural, but b/c it deals with supernatural evil. 

We’re going to look at an extreme example of what dark, malevolent  influences can do to a human personality that has come under their complete dominion (HT: D. Gooding). 

Here’s the deal: no one spoke of the devil in Scripture more than Jesus; and if you're willing to take Jesus seriously, you have to take his view of reality seriously too. 

Jesus is going to ask you to sophisticate your understanding of all kinds of things: God, yourself, & evil.

When you look around at the world—everything from the evil of the holocaust to the evil of child trafficking—is it just possible that there is something or someone behind the scenes inspiring this evil? Is it just possible that there are indeed malevolent spiritual forces at work against us? 

The ancient wisdom from the Scriptures would say Yes. One cannot explain the sum total of all the evil in the world simply by taking into account human actions and choices. There is more going on that we may be able to see or willing to admit. 

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