Kingdom-Minded Shrewdness

January 30, 2022 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: Good News of Great Joy for All People

Scripture: Luke 16:1–15

Graphic - Luke 16.1-15 (Kingdom Minded Shrewdness)

In this study from the Gospel of Luke, we encounter a story Jesus told about a dishonest manager, who in a moment of panic, displayed unusual shrewdness and ingenuity.

Jesus used this shrewdness to talk to his disciples about using their resources to make eternal friends.

What's even more interesting, Jesus is telling this story at the same dinner party he was hosting with the misfits, outcasts, and marginalized that cause the religious leaders to grumble in disgust that Jesus would be found in the company of such "sinners."

In other words, Jesus was shrewdly using resources to make eternal friendships, and the religious leders--who were lovers of money--would rather spend money on themselves. 

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