The Crucifixion of Jesus

July 31, 2022 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: Good News of Great Joy for All People

Graphic - The Crucifixion of Jesus

Were you there when they crucified our Lord?

The ancient biographers of the life of Jesus wrote their gospels to help those of us who weren't there when they crucified the Author of Life to know what happened and what it all means. 

In telling us about Jesus, Luke takes us to the place outside of Jerusalem where he introduces us to a number of folks who were there when the crucified the Lord, and in his reporting of the events, he also highlights a number of ironies. 

In this study, we listen to what Luke wants us to see and know about this event that has massive ramificaitons not only for those who originally read his account of the life and death of Jesus, but also for us and for any who would come across his words.

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