The Glory of Jesus

May 3, 2020 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: Good News of Great Joy for All People

Scripture: Luke 9:28–9:36


“The centre of me is always and eternally a terrible pain—a curious wild pain—a searching for something beyond what this world contains, something transfigured and infinite—the beautific vision—God—I do not find it, I do not think it is to be found—but the love of it is my life.” -- Bertrand Russell

Russell was a determined atheist, and yet something in him longed for something that transcends this world, something transfigured and infinite. He even named it, “the beatific vision—God.”

Question: Where does this longing come from? If we are nothing but DNA machines, and if our thoughts are nothing but chemicals fizzing, then how doe we explain this universal longing? How can we speak of love? 

The early Christians would say, “The longing you so much love for something transfigured, something infinite, is meant to find its answer in the person of Jesus—the ultimate revelation of God.”

In this study, we will continue in our journey through the Gospel of Luke, an ancient investigative biography compiled by a physician named, Luke, writing to a 1st century Roman official named, Theophilus, in order to help him understand who Jesus is, and to give him the confidence needed to become & continue as a follower of Jesus. 

In particular, we're looking at “The Transfiguration,” and in it you will be convinced and encouraged to follow Jesus of Nazareth more intentionally, and to be careful to devote yourself to his teachings more faithfully because he is simply amazing. 

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