The Voice of Lament & The Cry for Justice

June 7, 2020 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: Individual Messages

Scripture: Psalm 10:1–10:18

Psalm 10 .001

In this messge on Psalm 10, we saw that God grants us a resouce to use when we feel the overwhelming sense of brokenness, pain, and even evil in our soceity. 

That resource is the language of lament. 

Lament gives voice to our deepest questions about what God is doing when we can't make sense of it. When we see the presence of injustice and oppression flourishing, when it seems like arrogant people are getting away with things, lament assumes God cares. 

And in praying these kinds of prayers, we not only align ourselves with others who have come before us in praying these prayers, but we also see that lament aligns our heart with God's intent. 


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