Seeking Divine Wisdom

September 17, 2023 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: James: Real Life Spirituality

Scripture: James 1:5–8

09.17.23 Sermon Graphic James 1.5-8

In writing to Christians whose lives have been upended, James the half-brother of Jesus writes to them about their trials. 

He wants them to know that even in the difficulties they are facing, God is at work in their producing a spiritual stamina. 

James wants them to know that even in their difficulties, God is at work to make them more like Jesus. 

That can sound good in theory, but how do we actually respond well when trials come at us from all directions? 

Well, James says, we're going to need wisdom. Not just any kind of wisdom, but divine wisdom from God. 

And that's good news because God is a constantly giving God who loves to give us wisdom more than we think we need it. 

In fact, in the ways of God, Christ has become for us the wisdom of God.  

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