Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - June 11, 2023

wf 06.11.23

 Graphic - Ruth 4.005

In this final chapter in the book of Ruth, we are given a bird's eye view of what God has been up to all along. 

Indeed, all along the ups and downs of the microcosm of the lives of Naomi and Ruth, God has been at work in the macrocosm of his grand plans for the redemption of the world. 

Not only do we witness the reversal of the Ruth-the-widow's fortunes, but we catch a glimpse that the best is yet to come. 

In fact, when our trust is in Christ, the best is indeed yet to come. 

Join us this Sunday at 10am at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Here’s a copy of the worship folder.

See you then,

Pastor John