Mercy Hill Sunday Gathering - November 7, 2021


Graphic - 1 Thessalonians 4.1-10 (Sexual Holiness).001

We'll continue this week in our series, "Love, Sexuality, & the Bible," by considering the teachings of the Apostle Paul--Jesus' ambassador to the Roman Empire.

Paul writes to a group of Christians living in the ancient city of Thessalonica who experienced the profound power of the Gospel when they turned to God in faith. 

In the midst of calling them to live a life worthy of God, who calls them into his own kingdom and glory. 

Paul is keen to see the image of Christ formed in these young followers of Christ, so he gives them instructions on how they ought to walk and to please God. 

And at the top of his list are instructions about sexual holiness.

To him, Jesus makes a difference in the way we treat others, distinct from the culture around these followers in Thessalonica. 

Join us this Sunday at 10am as we take a look at how following Jesus changes everything about us and about the way we treat others. 

A Word To Parents:

You may be wondering if this study would be appropriate for your child.

Let me assure you that we will handle this topic with maturity and grace, not crassness. 

We'll be talking about the difference between sexual immorality and sexual holiness. These are important concepts for the church to grasp and for every follower of Jesus to understand, mature and immature, old and young. 

The stakes could not be higher. These are challenging times to be raising children, and they need help navigating this world. According to Exodus Cry,

"With the average age of exposure [to pornography] hovering somewhere between 7 and 13, a typical middle schooler has likely already seen porn. One study showed that ten percent of 12 year olds think they're already addicted." 

Our young people and our children need to hear us (adults) and the church speak clearly about what it means to follow Jesus in this culture. While we won't be talking about pornography per se, we will be talking about sexual morality--what Paul calls "God's will" for our lives. 

In general, if your child is old enough to understand what is being said or to ask questions about it, that is a good thing. And they need your help to process what they hear and to answer their questions. 

Jesus and his apostles frequently addressed the issue of sexual morality to mixed audiences, male and female, young and old. Letters to the congregations like Ephesians and Colossians and 1 Thessalonians and Revelation (not to mention the Gospels) were read to the congregations, and everyone present received the instructions, old and young alike.

My counsel to you as a pastor would be use this occasion as an opportunity teach them about about their bodies, God's gift of sexuality, and how to honor others, along with their own bodily integrity--all in an age appropriate way.

If however you would prefer, your child can be with our children's staff during this time. We totally understand and want you to make use of this option if you would like to.

Also, after the service, while the kids are in Sunday school, I will be making recommendations to parents of some good resources to help you disciple your children in these areas. 

If you have any questions, as aways you can touch base with me. 

Pastor John